Top 10 Card Tricks

Whilst there are many card tricks out there in the world of magic it can take a lot of searching to find the real gems. That is just part of the learning process. Fortunately on this page we have compiled our version of the Top 10 card tricks out there. Unlike other top 10 lists we are not limiting this to a regular deck of cards (although it may appear that way to a spectator). So here, in no particular order are our Top 10 Card Tricks bought to you by The Magic Trailers.

Las Vegas Leaper

Las Vegas Leaper is a card across effect by Paul Harris. In the effect a number of cards are counted onto the table by the magician. The spectator is then invited to check the number of cards themselves. The spectator then puts the cards somewhere safe either on their person or just out of the magician’s reach. The magician then ‘magically’ sends some cards invisibly through the air into the spectator’s packet. The spectator then recounts the cards again and the number of cards has increased. In the video below you can see David Blaine performing Las Vegas Leaper. Paul Harris was actually one of David Blaine’s mentors. This is just one effect that can be found in The Art of Astonishment Volume 1 By Paul Harris.

The Other Half

When looking for good card tricks to add to your repertoire it is important to avoid endless variations of the ‘pick a card’ card trick. The Other Half is an effect by Woody Aragon and is a little bit different. In it a number of spectators can each take 4 random cards from the deck. They each take their 4 cards and rip them in half. A half card is selected and put away and through a process of mixing and then elimination the spectator is left with just one half card. The two half cards match! This is a great effect to be used with an old deck and can either be used with one spectator or several. The effect can be seen performed in the video below by magician Eric Jones. This great card trick can be either located in Woody Aragon A Book in English or Woodyland.


One of the greatest card tricks of the 20th century is Paul Curry’s Out of this World also referred to OOTW. In the effect the cards are dealt face down by the spectator into different piles. When the cards are turned over they are shown to be separated into either red or black piles. This is a killer effect used by many of the pros. David Blaine can be seen performing the trick in the video below. There are many variants of Out Of This World but this one is called Galaxy by Paul Harris and is one of the best. You can find Galaxy explained in the book The Art of Astonishment Volume 3 by Paul Harris.

Torn and Restored Card is one of the classic plots in card magic. The effect usually involves the card being signed by the spectator. the magician then takes it and it is folded and finally torn into four quarters. There are many versions of this trick all of which vary in difficulty. Probably the most difficult to perform but most believable is the one shown in the video below – Guy Hollingworth’s Reformation which can be found either in his book Drawing Room Deceptions or in Epilogue.


A great card trick for a parlor setting is called Jeopardy. It is based on the game show where answers are given first and the contestants have to give the questions. The effect can be found on Paul Green’s In The Trenches. It is a multi-phase effect that involves a number of predictions being made and despite the cards being mixed each prediction is correct. The last prediction is found to be slightly out however, until the magician unfolds his prediction to show that indeed he was correct all along!


Often times the best card effects are the ones that are the simplest. Recognized as an incredibly strong packet trick by many magicians, B’Wave by Max Maven uses just 4 cards and, well just watch the video below. It works every time. Many magician’s carry this effect in their wallet.


If you could do real magic with cards then you would be able to change one card into another. ACE by Richard Sanders does exactly that. But it actually goes one better. It changes 4 Jokers into 4 Aces. In theory this is an impossible effect when performed on a spectator. Especially when there are apparently no other cards in play. But ACE by Richard Sanders does exactly that.


To truly astonish a spectator with a magic trick you have to surprise them with the impossible. Sometimes an effect comes along that is just impossible and close up. Something that they see and feel happening right up close. The V Deck By Peter Nardi & Alakazam Magic is such an effect. In this effect an entire deck of cards apparently disappears from the card case – except their signed card.

Card To Wallet

A card being selected, signed by the spectator, vanishing from the deck and then reappearing somewhere else is a staple in many a magician’s repertoire. A common version of this is signed card to wallet where their signed card appears in your wallet. Unfortunately some of the magician’s wallets out there that allow you to perform this effect can be quite bulky with some only fitting into a jacket pocket. If you are looking for a regular looking wallet to perform this effect and one that fits into your jeans pocket then check out The Real Man’s Wallet by Steve Draun

Invisible Deck

Prediction effects are always popular among spectators. Imagine a deck of cards inside a card case is placed on the table. The spectator can name ANY card. You take out the cards from the case and one card is facing the opposite way from all the others. It is their card! This trick uses what is called an Invisible Deck.

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