About Us

Welcome to this NEW website. It is in it’s early stages but we hope it’s visitors will help it grow! The aim of themagictrailers.com is to assist visitors to the site in making informed choices when purchasing magic products.

An example might be where a magician wanted to buy a magic prop such as a “magicican’s wallet”. By visiting themagictrailers.com the magician can view the trailers for different types of magician’s wallets. Beneath each video we will provide links on the internet to product reviews, videos and forum discussions on the wallet.

In short we aim to produce a site that has links to forums and other useful links to reviews and of course trailer videos. The trailers and links to forums will be submitted by visitors to the site and it can only grow with their submissions.

If a product is available on Amazon we will eventually provide a product link that would take the visitor to the product on the Amazon web site and as an Amazon Associate we will earn from qualifying purchases.

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